touching sky in kruševo

With a first day of really wonderful weather this year I decided to go out of Kavadarci. Considering going to
a few different places in a few different directions, I finally chose Kruševo (Крушево) as my final destination.

Kruševo lies about 85 km from Kavadarci heading west. It’s the highest town in Macedonia being situated at about 1350 metres above sea level. Sometimes it’s said to be the highest city in the whole Balkans. It’s population is only six thousand and it’s mainly inhabited by Macedonians. A quite big ethnic group are Vlachs whose Aromanian language is a co-official language in Kruševo. The town is mostly known for its history (especially the Ilinden Uprising in 1903) and Toše Proeski – the beloved by all Macedonians singer-songwriter who died tragically in a car accident in 2007 at the
age of 26.


It took me three cars to get to Kruševo. My last drivers (from Skopje) also offered me a small tour around the town and invited me for lunch. Firstly,
I went alone to see Macedonium (a futuristic monument dedicated to the Ilinden Uprising) and after they finished their work we went together to light a candle over Toše Proeski’s grave and then headed the artist’s Memorial House.

The hours were passing by in a lazy mode with melting snow all around, the sun and the cloudless sky above our heads…

Lunch and wine (T’ga za Jug) in a traditional Macedonian kafana tasted fantastic, especially with a great company! The views on the way back were just breathtaking – snowy peaks, houses in the valleys, the sun slowly setting…

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