life is a movement

The last week of March was filled with work, happiness and a lof of fun! Our organization (SPPMD) was hosting participants from eight countries for a training course Life is a Movement devoted to street art. During one week the youth workers from Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina
and Macedonia were taught different techniques of the street art – graffiti, break dance
and hip-hop music.

Workshops were very dinamic and fun! We got to draw, dance and sing – everything was
a preparation for the big event during which we were supposed to present what we’ve learned during this TC. Life is a Movement hosted also people who are involved in the street art on
a daily basis – a DJ, a couple of break dancers (including Vladimir from a Serbian group USB), graffiti artists from Kavadarci, Skopje and Prilep and a rapper Billy Zver.

Apart from thematic workshops we also had many team-building activities that proved the real positive spirit of the whole group. One training session took part in a house next to the Tikvesh Lake so we could enjoy both the workshop and beautiful nature around. Intercultural night was also a must and we got a chance to taste traditional food from all countries involved and learn some national dances. I fell in love with the wine from Azerbaijan…

If you wonder how it all looked like, have a look at the video Vladimir made. Enjoy!
Life is a movement


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