shades of blue

The month of April started and also finished with
a training course. This time the place of the venue was the western part of Macedonia, very close to Albanian border. The TC itself was in Struga
(a small but nice town famous for good beaches and Poetry Nights) but we got a chance to see the surroundings, too. We visited gorgeous Ohrid
a beautiful city mostly known for its lake (Ohrid Lake), tourists, one of the first universities in Europe, being listed on UNESCO World Haritige Site and 365 churches. We also had a chance to see St. Naum’s monastety – a magical place that towers on a hill next to the lake’s shore. St. Naum was a student of Cyril and Methodius who died in 910 A.D. His grave is situated in the church built in the middle of the monastery beautified with dozens of frescos.

Although the weather wasn’t good in the beginning, it improved with time and we were catching greedily all sunbeams. Crystal clear water, mountains jumping from the lake, snowy peaks, all shades of blue… the amazing nature around us made me fall in love with these places…

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