when midnight strikes

Last year I spent my birthday in one of my favoutite places in Europe, Santiago de Compostela. This year destiny put me in a small Macedonian town, Kavadarci.

Having spent a couple of hours in a pub with some friends, I headed home just before 11 p.m. A few guys went missing just before I decided to go but I assumed they were hungry (again) and went to grab a hamburger or something from the bakery. They left without saying a thing but the next day was the party day so I would see all of them again. No worries. I left together with my best friend here, Radica.

Shower, check. Pyjamas, check. Bed, check. I was aleep for about ten minutes when I heard knocking on the door which opened slowly.
It was midnight. All of my friends were standing there, with Alex holding a cake. They started singing while I was sitting shocked in my bed…
I haven’t suspected anything. They made me
a huge surprise and for a moment I was just speechless. When I came back down on Earth from the dreamy land I grabbed my back-up bottle of wine and started pouring rosé to ten glasses. Boris, as a true waiter, took the control of the cake cutting.

It was a truly amazing night. A very beautiful moment. One of those that make you feel
being loved
a lot…

Thank you.


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