macedonians & the dutch

What Macedonians and the Dutch have
in common? Not much one could think but apparently there is some kind of link between those two nations.

During recent Euro 2012 Macedonian viewers could see bunches of Dutch football fans hanging out on the streets of Skopje. All of them dressed in bright organge T-shirts, as befits real Oranje‘s supporters, caught the attention of national TV crew. During the interview they emphasized their love for football and Macedonia.

Few weeks later walking through the streets
of Ohrid I felt as if I suddenly landed on a Dutch ground. Not only dozens of tourists from Mulisch’s fatherland were enjoying the sun and swimming in Macedonia’s most famous lake. From time to time the Dutch accents were visible all around – The Dutch Park with organge bicycles, the big sign Macedonians keep in touch with the Dutch or even a board Hier spreekt men Hollands in a window of a shop with
leather products.

Could Canary Islands or other fancy destinations have bored the Dutch so much that they started looking for more maiden voyages into the unknown? Or is it the accessible way of getting to the Balkans and the affordable price of tickets Jetair Fly offers since May? Hmmm, nobody really seems to know the correct answer…

Interessant, inderdaad, heel interessant…

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