examination of conscience

By followingcaminho

August 8, 2012


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One month to go. Twenty-eight days to be exact. The Macedonian adventure is slowly reaching the finish line,
the clock is ticking inevitably…

In the nearest future the examination of conscience awaits me impatiently. I close my eyes and images start rolling like a film… in colours, black and white, sepia, fluorescent… so many memories, so many adventures, people and places. So much happiness and bitter pricks from time to time. The colours and tastes of life.
The body is thinking about motion, the heart is thinking about stopping short. Тешко ќе биде, says the shop assistant seeing me. Тешко, I reply taking a deep breath and exposing a faded smile.

It never gets easy. Just as you start putting down roots into soft and pleasant ground, suddenly there comes a time to uproot what has been planted with so much love and passion. And then to move on. Move foreward. Leave things behind while carrying them in your heart.
No, it never gets easy…


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