photographs from macedonia

It’s been a while since I wrote for the
last time, indeed…

August days were filled with work on my photo exhibition, which was my personal project that earned me one extra month in Macedonia.

Regular visits to Dom na Kultura, completing the set of photographs to be shown, writing my short biography for the catalogue, collecting and distributing the invitations, printing the photos, putting them into the frames…
and so on and so on.

On Fiday evening, 31st August, the exhibition was officially opened. The event started with my friends musicians playing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Dime, my dear friend and an actor at the local theatre, was a mervelous host that night. He not only spoke about the photos and the exhibition but also mentioned how we met for the first time, how he sang the song from Miś Uszatek to impress me, how our friendship grew all those months I spent in Macedonia, how we had fun on a training in Struga and how someone came back with a pair of broken glasses…
His speech was witty, clever and interesting.
And it really touched me.

Later Dime announced my mentor who said
a couple of words about my volunteering project and who apologised in front of everyone for breaking my camera.

Then it was time for me. With trembling voice, much softer and quieter than usual, I managed to say everything I wanted but it cost me a lot of effort. I decided my speech should be in Macedonian and I didn’t want to let people down who had hoped it would be in their native language. In fact, a lot of friends told me
I spoke in a local dialect with a very sweet accent:

Ви благодарам многу што дојдовте на мојата изложба. Чест ми е што имам можност да ви ги претставам некои од моите слики овде.
Прво, сакам да им се заблагодарам на луѓето кои ја овозможија оваа изложба. Голема благодарност до директорот на Домот на Културата за неговата дарежливост што ми го овозможи ова фантастично место. Благодарност и до Диме Коцевски кој е прекрасен водител оваа вечер. Исто така голема благодарност и до луѓето кои ми помогнаа со организирањето од самиот почеток – Даниел Уневски и Ристе Димитров. Како последни, но не и  помалку важни голема благодарност до мојата организација СППМД која ме подржуваше во оваа идеа од самиот почеток.

Фотографиите кои се изложени на оваа изложба се од Македонија. Може да видите фотографии од Кавадарци, Прилеп, Охрид, Струга, Берово и други места. Ова се фотографии кои ги направив за време на мојот 10 месечен волонтерски проект овде. Тоа беа одлични 10 месеци за мене. Научив многу нови работи и запознав вистински пријатели. Уживав во времето поминато овде и сигурна сум дека ќе се вратам наскоро
многу брзо.

Ви посакувам убава вечер и уживајте
во фотографиите.

Applouse. Congratulations. Hugs and kisses. The exhibition was opened! Boris served wine, rakija and sparkling drinks to the guests, while the guys played the guitars and sang.

It was an incredible night! All my friends and the kids I’ve known from our Youth Club showed up. The local TV made a reportage about the exhibition (to be found here – starting at 26:15) and I couldn’t escape flashes.

It was a perfect crowning of my 10-months-long voluntary service in Macedonia. A perfect night with perfect company… I’ll never forget it.


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