sea whisper

A year without a visit at the seaside is not
a successful year. No waves humming, no seagulls crying, no sand in the shoes… a year without
a walk on the beach is not a perfect year. Without hair dancing in the air, without pocketful of shells and drawings on the sand…
I can’t imagine not being there, where water and the sky embrace each other in the perfect harmony – united and inseparable.

I had hoped for a very long time to feel the breeze on my face in one of my beloved regions in Europe. In Galicia. Unfortunately for some reasons it wasn’t possible and I feared I would not have any chance to see stretches of great water anywhere. But life surprised me once again and
a new direction was set: the Black Sea.

I spent one week in Bulgaria enjoying the nature and sandy strolls on the shores.

The sand landed in my shoes.
The unruly wisps of my hair were
spinning in the air.
And both of my pockets were full of shells.


One Response to “sea whisper”

  1. I agree…a year without the sea, the sand…hard to imagine! And Galicia – so stunningly beautiful!

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