once volunteer, forever volunteer

In some of us the need to help others is natural. It doesn’t matter how or why. What matters is the happiness that fills you afterwards. It gives you wings, makes you wanna dance on the street and puts a big smile on your face. Volunteering is something amazing. The best thing about it is that you can always do it and nobody will judge if you are good enough for it. The biggest value of volunteering are volunteers – people with open hearts and open minds who don’t expect anything in return (ok, maybe a smile or a simpe thanks, mate!).

After coming back from Macedonia and settling down in Poland (for a while) I was looking for some organization where I could help out. The search was more difficult than I thought and it amazed me how much one has to do in order to become a volunteer. Lots of carefully written e-mails and then… silence, silence, silence

I moved to Kraków. Started a new job and flung myself into the home-work-home whirl. A lot of studying in the beginning and short winter days gave me the sense of sad monotony. I decided to change it and began my search once again and it was worth my while. I found an organization,
I found a project and yesterday I found myself around five gorgeous ladies.

I started volunteering for an organization (Academy) that provides seniors with various activities, workshops and lectures. I am responsible for the small group of eldery ladies that will go for 3 weeks to Germany for
a volunteering project. Because the common language with German seniors will be English, the Polish ladies need some language practice. Yesterday we had a first class and I was astonished by their attitude and skills. Bogusia, Basia, Maryla, Maja and Marylka are fantastic women! Their eyes were smiling all the time and
I barely had time to say anything because once they started talking about their hobbies and life, there was no way to stop them. Maja went on with her love for handicrafts (lately felting), Basia put emphasis on gardening and Marylka was extremly brave to talk about her sad childhood during the war and how she stuggled with stuttering all her life. I was speechless.

The first meeting in the Academy proved me it was a good decision. Even if my working day lasted 11 hours yesterday. On the way from Academy to my work I felt like dancing on the street


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