amazing landscapes of malta

Malta has been on my mind for quite a long time. For a few reasons at least. It’s a sunny island situated between Europe and Africa to start with. Landscapes are amazing which makes this small country a real paradise for photographers… especially amateurs as me. It isn’t a typical touristic destination (and definitely not in April). And ever since I tried the famous Maltese liqueur from opuncia, I dreamed about tasting it right there where it’s manufactured.

Not thinking too hard, lead by an impulse, spontaneously I bought tickets to Malta. In March it was still cold, dark and depressing so an idea of forthcoming holidays filled me with a pleasant warmth… and so one month later I set off for Malta and Gozo!

I spent one week full of sun, amazing sights, winding roads, long walks, a large number of colourful luzzu, pastizzi, English tea, cold beer and countless hours devoted to contemplating the nature and taking photos. Every place was special in a way but if I had to choose my favourite spots, I’d definitely go for Azure Window (Tieqa Żerqa) in Dwejra (Gozo) – a world-famous rock formation over the sea – and the harbour of Marsaxlokk, a gorgeous, small fishermen’s village in the south-east of Malta known for typical boats called luzzu. I also found Valletta, the capital,
a very interesting city with her narrow streets, beautiful Barakka Gardens, Grand Harbour, old limestone buildings and lots of outside cafés.

It took me a while to sort all photos out but finally I managed to upload some of them on Baby Caminho.  Have a look and enjoy!

* Malta & Gozo *


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