my life, my choice

By followingcaminho

July 11, 2013

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Yesterday I came across an article about what elderly people regret about their lives ( the research was done in a retirement home in Germany). What would they do if they could turn back time.  What would they wish for. The first and most common answer was – to live the life they always wanted and not the life people wanted them to live. The seniors put the emphasis on broken dreams, lack of courage and high expectations from the others.

In that moment I though of how lucky I am to live my life the way I want it to. My life is my choice.
I will not let anybody tell me how I should live it, what should I do and which of my choices are socially excepted and which are not. I make mistakes, I have my falls. But I also learn a lot and
I draw conclusions from everything. I am happy the way my life floats on these immense waves of the ocean called world. And I wouldn’t change it. If there are things I regret until now, it would be rather not achieving all of what I wanted than  regretting not giving a try something. I believe it’s always better to take one step forward than one step back (although you sometimes might end up disappointed or hurt…).

Right now I am on a doorstep of a new adventure. I said farewell to a job I actually never thought of doing for more than a few months, I packed my backpack again and set off for Spain which feels like my second home. Maybe it’s meant to be? Maybe it’s written in the stars? Either way  I feel like I’m alive again. And it’s a damn good feeling!
¡Viva la vida amigos!


4 Responses to “my life, my choice”

  1. Go ahead Marta, enjoy life and take your own decisions!!!
    Edu Madrid

  2. boa sorte na tua nova aventura =)

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