Wear a yellow dress on Thursday. Or a yellow T-shirt. Or turmeric. These words of Abhi keep on hammering in my head… Yellow… yellow…
Turmeric’s already in the kitchen. Brought straight from India. I’ve played Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter” today. And then this… A yellow agenda I got from my Russian flatmate Katya as New Year’s gift (today is the Orthodox New Year’s celebration). Not without a reason. She also heard Abhi giving me advice to be surrounded by
yellow colour.

So, what is this yellow all about?

Hmmmm. Where do I start…?

Abhijeet promised to read my palm the last day of his stay in Spain. And so he did. After sketching lines, points and circles he revealed the secrets kept in my hands. Line of life, line of heart, line of marriage… stubborn, ambitious, perfectionist,
heart-broken, independent, stressed, lived through many accidents in adolescence
… It was all true. It is.
So much it made my throat close and I was struggling with holding back my tears that were lurking in the corners of my eyes.
One, two, three, four, five… I withheld.

Whether one believes it or not, the facts cannot be denied. So maybe a New Year is a good timing to change something? I decided to try out Abhi’s suggestions. After all… Caminho knows…

The wind of change has come today. Katya surprised me with the yellow agenda and I’ve taken it as a good token! After three months
I decided it was time to go back to (my natural) brown colour so I’ve bought a new hair paint today. And a dress. A red dress.
Because small things make you happy.

I am ready for 2014.

Bring it on!


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