wishing for health & light

So another year is over. Three hundred sixty-five days of ups and downs, visits to eight countries, countless hours of travelling and spending time at the airports, many projects, some reunions with friends, meetings with a bunch of new people, family and health issues, one (veeery) wild night, the birth of my nephew…
and so much more.

I am so thankful for having great friends with whom I could share wonderful moments in 2014. I know that even if far away, they will always be there. I am also grateful for having had possibilities of meeting new people, some of whom turned out to be new friends. I am happy for having had chances of seeing those, whom
I haven’t seen for a very long time, travelling with them or simply spending some quality time and fooling around (hey guys, remember the ministry of silly walks? sure you do!). I am glad I could learn, develop my skills and competences, gaining new knowledge, turning failures into the learning process and being more self-aware in general. I was extremely happy and proud of Gohar and myself for carrying out the project we wrote and that we so longed for.
Dance for Peace was an amazing experience! And I believe not only for us but also for the others. After it we received so much positive feedback and good wishes that it was really uplifting and we knew that it had sense. We put so much energy into it and I think the people around us could really sense it. It was one of the most beautiful adventures in my life.

There were also downsides of many things, too.
A lot of hard moments. Lots of stress. Feeling helpless, worthless, weak and tired. It was a very intense year that demanded a whole lot of my energy and involvement at the professional level. What I saw as positive challenges in the beginning, was slowly turning into a burden.
And it was also influencing my personal life or – actually – the lack of it. Days were becoming shorter, while the summer was becoming longer… Eventually I came to a point where I had to make a decision not to go crazy. And so I decided to leave what was making me miserable and take a new step forward. It happened only five months later that I physically moved but saying it out loud was a milestone for myself.

By the end of the year, just before Christmas,
I was struck with very sad news. We lost our dog. In very painful, sad and dubious circumstances. It broke my heart. I couldn’t help but crying all the time and I couldn’t sleep at night. It still hurts bad and when I think about the whole situation, when I think about Him (He was a part of family) the tears gather in the corners of my eyes. You couldn’t imagine more lovable creature on the planet. So trustful and so faithful, so fragile.
I would do anything to save Him. ANYTHING.

I was glad that 2014 was about to finish. It was
a very tough year I wished was already over.

So for 2015 there are only two things I wish for: health & light. Just these two because everything else is negligible. If these two are present in life, everything else will be just fine. And this is what
I also wish for every single one of you.

Happy New Year.


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