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By followingcaminho

February 12, 2015

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The New Year has started for me with a strong wish to be surrounded by positive thoughts and affirmations. There is so much negative energy around me, so much worry and dullness that the only way to stay happy is to find a peaceful space, where I can distance myself from the outer world and keep on floating on the waters of positivity.

The first thing I decided to do was reading quotes, passages and all kind of good messages every day. It’s really incredible how those can light up the mood. Sometimes they are very obvious, sometimes very deep but each time they fill me with love and light and put a smile on my face. And I really like this. I feel much better and at ease after reading a short series of positive affirmations (especially just before going to sleep!).

Another idea that crossed my mind just yesterday was what I call “the project thankfulness”. I will keep a journal (could be also my agenda which I always carry with me) where I will write down three things I am thankful for each night, after the day is over. There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Sometimes we don’t pay attention or take them for granted. Even a simple thing or a gesture is worth being thankful for. I also believe that thinking about those things goes perfectly with the positive affirmations.

So before I put the last dot tonight, I would like to share what I’m thankful for and what is my heart singing at the moment.

  • Today – the day that brought me good news at the professional level and, hopefully, continuation thereof.
  • A great evening with S. playing badminton, stretching, sweating, feeling my every muscle… and going back to the childhood memories as it used to be my favourite outdoor sport.
  • N. always finding time to write, send photos and audios, talk… although being thousands kilometres away.

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