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By followingcaminho

September 19, 2015

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It’s been a while since I last posted so I thought I’d write something. Nothing in particular really, it’s gonna be more of a random post. I just feel like putting some sentences together tonight.

Last few months were full of changes, sudden “surprises” (not very positive), a new course in life (yes, again!) and a great desire of improving myself and my skills on many different levels in many different fields. I found a steady job in my hometown and started getting used to a more steady rhythym of life. Someone could say boring or monotonous, yes, but I think I longed for it for quite a while so I am totally fine with it at the moment! I still hate getting up in the morning and I try not to think of it when the winter arrives but then again, one always has to look for compromises in life. This is how it works. My job significantly influened other spheres of it – except for a steady daily routine, I am managing my time better, for the more limited it is, it is easier to plan everything and set priorities. I also get a decent pay, which enabled me to apply for and start post graduate studies. From October on I will be studying Project Management – something I’ve been seriously interested in for the last 7 months. I am very much looking forward to it and… I have never thought I would be happy to go back to school! I remember when graduating from the university 5 years ago I felt so relieved and said “this is the end”. Seems like the end is the new beginning, yay!

In the past months also a few serious family issues came to the surface. I am having a hard time and it is difficult for me to accept the inevitable. It is difficult to be helpless and to be conscious about it. It is just damn hard. Now
I realise how good it was to be away from home (mostly abroad) and not to think about some people and some situations. You know that they are there but they cannot influence your life if they are away, at least not directly. Everything changes if you are in the middle of it. As one of my friends said “It’s not gonna be better, it’s only gonna be worse now”, I am preparing myself for the hard times to come. Someone could think: “Oh, what a friend would say that? Friends should be supportive” and maybe it would be true. But
I prefer my friends to see everything in an objective way and just help me go through the tough days without doublespeaking about how everything is gonna be fine.

On the bright side, I really try to get as much positive energy as possible from the people, the last days of summer and new challenges to come. This month I am having last cooking workshops with seniors which I was having since June, I am planning to read more and when crazy days at work pass (this past month has been insanely intensive), to go out a bit more. I have already two concerts scheduled in October and I am so looking forward to them! I am waiting for the theatre season to start and for some good movies. Next Friday I am planning to see “Youth” with my colleague (a trailer here).

So now I will drink up my white tea and think about catching some sunrays tomorrow during
a bike trip in the nature… somewhere here.


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