true love

By followingcaminho

February 27, 2016

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Sometimes I ask myself if true love exists, you know the lifetime love. The respectful love. The good love. The love you can depend on. The love you can be proud of. I have a feeling nowadays this kind of love is not as important as it used to be… or maybe it’s just how I see it. In the world flooded with questionable role models and the flippant attitude towards each other. In the age of fast and furious.
Is there still room for the true love?

So from time to time I sit and wonder but now I know.

Today I’ve been a witness of a testimony of true love. Two adults that have speant alost the half of their lives together, 18 years to be exact, married surrounded by family and friends. Both having had bad experiences from their previous relationships, both wiser and stronger. Both sharing their passion for travelling, both knowing how to appreciate life and what it gives. A warm, kind-hearted and good couple. I truly admire them.

I was asked by the bride to come over this afternoon to help her with the dress. When I entered they were both cheerful and joking. I could feel this amazing energy around them and was happy to see them later at the municipality. When the official finished with her speech and the groom started with his vow
I couldn’t help but broke in tears immediately. Not because it was emotional or extraordinary. Because
I knew their story. Because I’ve seen them caring for each other all these years. And because I knew the outspoken vow was more that true.


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