Happy 2017

By followingcaminho

December 31, 2016

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My Dear Friends,

May the coming year be kind for you. 
Don’t forget to stop, look around and reflect in those hectic times.
Reach out with your helping hand to those who are in need, who suffer,
who need a little bit of attention.
Smile a lot! And laugh a lot, too!
Share good moments with others, share your joys but don’t forget about sharing you sorrows
for sharing has healing properties. 
Find time for yourselves – for your passions, dreams and even for you whims.
Quality time with yourselves is very important! 
Stay healthy, act when you see first sympthoms of flue or fever.
Remember: healthy body = healthy soul.
Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had time/courage/money/good reason for… maybe some course/training? Or dancing classes? Or a massage session?
A trip to a new place? An exotic dish? Just go for it! There’s nothig to lose.
Follow your heart but do it wisely.
Be happy with others and take inspirations from their successful actions.
And if you fall, don’t worry. Stand up and stay strong!
I wish you this and much more for there is more to life!
Happy 2017!
 Much love,

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