I… live, love, sing, whistle, dance, observe, listen, dream, believe, chase happiness, I am…
I follow my Caminho


4 Responses to “about”

  1. Sounds great,
    What exactly does following “Caminho” mean?

    p.s. – You have some wonderful photographs on here.
    – Nate

    • Caminho means road/path in Portuguese. And I’m just following my Caminho discovering its beauty every day.
      I’m glad you like my pictures! It means a lot to me (especially that I’m a complete amateur).

  2. Nice, I like it. I’d say I’m basically doing the same thing at the moment. I especially like the photograph of you right here in your “about” page, and also “Santiago”. Well done!

    • Great! Camin(h)o and Santiago are two inseparable things and that’s what makes it special and magical. For me it’s not only going with the flow but it has became my personal philosophy (understood by a very few people).
      About the “About” – a self-timer was a splendid invention!

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